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Dr hab. Jadwiga Królikowska
Dr hab.

Jadwiga Królikowska

consultants for the development of research programmes, academic courses and international cooperation. She works at the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization of University of Warsaw and she took part in working out the concepts of the Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies and European Centre of Penological Studies.
Dr hab. Jadwiga Królikowska is Director of Post Graduate Studies “Support of Culturally Different Persons at Labour Market” and Director of Specialization “Migrations and Cultural Integration”, which are related to the Division of Culturally Integrated Legal and Social Studies of IPSiR UW. She is also a coordinator of European Programmes of Erasmus at IPSiR UW. She is the author of Sociology of Charitable Activities ,Warsaw, Warsaw University Press 2004, and the editor of five books, including especially Social problems in Political Games, Warsaw, Warsaw University Press 2006, Culturally Integrated Studies of Intercultural Contact, Warsaw, Warsaw University Press 2009.
She is interested in sociology of education, poverty, social exclusion and sociology of charitable activities, studies of multiculturalism and the culturally integrated method of research of social aspects of punishment.

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