Michel Mazoyer

consultant for ancient history.
Professor of University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, where he helds lectures in Latin, Ancient Greek and Anatolian Languages. Professor Michel Mazoyer prepared his aggregation and his doctorate thesis on religion of Hettites which was published under the titleTélépinu, le dieu au marécage (Télépinu, the God of the Mud). He is a specialist in the field of history and religion of the period of Hettites and Neo Hettites. He is interested in relation between ancient civilizations and Hettite’s culture. Professor Mazoyer is Director of the Cahiers Kubaba and President of the Review “Catholicae disputationes” and coauthor of the Review “Res Antiquae”. Prof. Michel Mazoyer published many articles and together with Jacques Freu the 5 Volume History of Hettites. He is coeditor of many volumes of the series of Kubaba, i.a. D’âge en âge (From the age to the age), Homer et l’Anatolie (Homer and Anatolia), Rempart et fortification (Defensive Wall and Fortification), Clémence et châtiment (The Clemency and Punishment).

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