The European Centre
for Penological Studies

The European Centre
for Penological Studies

Purposes and tasks

The mission of the European Centre for Penological Studies is to develop, integrate and promote interdisciplinary knowledge about: criminal punishment and other penal sanctions; other forms of public coercion and violent interventions (in particular in relations to juveniles); the limits of the power to punish and the use of extra-legal political repression means, military actions and mafia-like political activities


European Centre for Penological Studies is brought into being in order to take up the following activities: working out and realization of penological research programmes; organization of cooperation of academics from all over Europe and overseas who research issues important for development of penological thought; working out, organization and realization of academic courses related to penological ideas and problems and more...


Cultural Context of the Criminal Policy and of the Reforms of Penal Law. Multidisciplinary Analysis : Legal, Penological, Historical, Sociological, Cultural (Anthropological) of Reforms of Penal Law in Poland in the Lights of European and and International Tendencies. Prestigious grant from National Centre of Science in Kraków : the Contract nr UMO-2011/01/B/HS5/03206. The Director of the Project Professor Jarosław Utrat-Milecki.


10 September 2021, The University of Warsaw promoted Jadwiga Królikowska to the special status of doktor habilitowany (associate professor) in the field of sociology for her book Judges on punishment, punishing, and impunity. Sociological Analysis of Judicial Sentencing , Warsaw University Press, Warsaw 2020, and the whole academic achievements.
General penology. Volume 2
The second volume of the two-volume monograph presents theoretical foundations of penal policy in a systematic way.
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General penology, volume 1
The first volume of the two-volume monograph presents in a systematic way the perception of criminal punishment as a legal and social institution of a procedural nature.
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Judges on Punishment, Punishing, and Impunity
Jadwiga Królikowska presents the comprehensive state of knowledge, notions and opinions concerning punishment, punishing and impunity of Polish criminal division judges in district, regional and appeal courts.
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